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6 Reasons To Use Live Video to Grow Your Business

6 reasons to use live video

There are so many ways to engage potential customers online that it’s pretty difficult to understand what marketing methods are the most effective. One sure-fire way to engage both existing and potential customers, spread brand awareness, and increase your sales is through video content. Video content is a great medium because it’s a fun and easy way people can engage with your brand, and live video creates even more brand excitement. Here are six reasons to use live video to grow your business. [Read More]

3 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Email Into Your Marketing Strategy

email marketing strategy

With all the new online marketing strategies from content management to social media, the best marketing tool is often overlooked. Email marketing is still the gold standard for online marketing because it has a high rate of ROI. Your email list is one of your greatest tools because it is an easy and inexpensive way to connect with people who have already opted into your brand and want to hear from you. Here are the three main reasons you should incorporate email into your marketing strategy: [Read More]

Everything You Need To Know About The New LinkedIn

Everything you need to know about new LinkedIn

Earlier this month, LinkedIn began rolling out a new platform. Their new platform will offer several upgrades, a new design and interface, and some exciting new features. Here is everything you need to know about the new LinkedIn and what it will mean for your business. [Read More]

Download Our 2017 Social Media Calendar

social media calendar 2017

Creating an effective social media calendar for your business or personal brand is so important for creating meaningful engagement. We are very excited to announce that our 2017 Social Media Calendar is now available for download for free. You can check it out here[Read More]

Social Media Trends for 2017

social media trends 2017

With the new year comes a new opportunity to capitalize on social media to grow your business. However, it is important to keep up with what is working, and not spend too much time on things that aren’t. So I’ve put together a quick list of what to focus on in 2017 so that you are investing in the places you’ll see the greatest ROI. [Read More]

Instagram Stories and What You Must Know

Instagram stories what you should know

If you haven’t entered into the world of Instagram stories yet, then it’s about time. This addition to the Instagram platform has blown up over the last several months and will continue to reign supreme in the coming year.

Here’s a little background…

In 2012, Facebook bought out Instagram and has been running it ever since. It tried to do the same with Snapchat, but Snapchat said, “no thanks.”  Well, Mark Zuckerberg and friends understood the power of Snapchat, so they decided to make their own version of it by creating Instagram Stories. [Read More]

3 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Is important for your business

why influencer marketing is important

Have you heard the term Influencer Marketing floating around social media and other blogs? Thinking about dabbling in it for your own business but not sure if it is really that important? We wanted to dive into the topic a little further for you and tell you why we think you should take the leap.

Let’s define Influencer Marketing for those of you who may need a more thorough understanding. Influencer Marketing enables your business to identify individuals that have influence over potential buyers of your brand. You can then use marketing efforts such as testimonial advertising and social media branding campaigns to enable these influencers to help grow your own business. [Read More]

Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

Giving Back Giving Tuesday LTM

You’ve all heard about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but did you know about Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is a global day dedicated to giving back. Here at LTM Digital we are committed to giving back to our community – whether it be through volunteer work, donating products to those in need, or working with non-profit clients. Looking for some great ways to give back to your community? Here are some LTM approved #GivingTuesday campaigns. [Read More]

Ways to Generate Leads on Social Media

ways to generate social media leads

If you have been following us for a while now, you know that we consider Social Media not only a must, but also one of our best friends (when used correctly). We’ve talked about some of our favorite platforms and given you some ideas about how to increase engagement and measure ROI.

Let’s now focus on true lead generations; which we are sure you are looking to do or you wouldn’t be on our blog in the first place. The great thing about most social media platforms is that they are 100% free. Everyone can be on them no matter their budget. We do want to make you aware of some lead generation tools that do require an investment, but when that investment pays off spending money can be so worth it for your business. [Read More]

5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

5 ways to increase fb engagement

Looking for ways to increase your Facebook Engagement on your Business Page? We came up with 5 ways that can help you boost your reach starting today.

1) Create Good Content – I know this goes without saying that we should always be putting out good content for our follows, but there are certain types of content that attract more engagement and cause better organic reach. Try using a compelling image, a strong call to action and simple copy. Engage your followers by asking them a question that they will want to answer and talk with them, not at them. Do your research behind the scenes to know what your followers truly want to see and hear. [Read More]