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This week on Social Media (Feb 5 – 11)

Welcome to this weeks round up of all the big news in the world of Social Media. Here is a recap some of the big stories.

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How can you incorporate influencer marketing into your marketing strategy?

In 2017, brands spent over $1 billion dollars on influencer marketing on Instagram alone –that number will continue to soar in 2018.

Why should businesses care? It’s no longer just another social media marketing fad. In fact, it’s currently considered the best-for-ROI and fastest-growing online acquisition channel. According to Forbes, influencer marketing has proven to be the “most effective form of advertising.”

So what is influencer marketing then? In a nutshell, it involves getting real people to talk about you in their community or circle of influence. It is a more genuine, but smaller scale version of using a brand Ambassador.

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How to create more engaging content

Engagement is the buzzword on everyone’s lips when talking of content on social media. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get engagement on ones’ content Much of inbound marketing relies on quantitative strategies and analysing data. While engagement, needs a whole other recipe for success. This is because, while there are many techniques, there is no one standard recipe for success. That said, while there aren’t any steadfast solutions, we can study patterns of success.

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This week on Social Media (Jan 29 – Feb 4)

We are back in January 2018 and continuing our series of this week on social media which recaps some of the top stories in the world of social media from across various platforms.

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This Week on Social Media (Dec 10 – 17)

Welcome to another edition of This Week on Social Media, where we recount the key news stories from last week in the world of Social Media.

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This week on Social Media (Nov 27 – Dec 2)

Welcome to This Week on Social Media. Here’s a recap of all the notable things that happened in Social Media in the last week.

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What the 280-character limit means for twitter

Arguably the biggest announcement a couple of weeks back on social media was twitter doubling its character limit. For a platform known for its brevity this seemed a step backwards. It’s like a brand abandoning its core benefit. Or is It? [Read More]

This Week on Social Media (Nov 13-20)

Welcome to Social Media this week. Here’s a recap of all the big things on Social Media in the last one week.

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This week on social media (Nov 6-12)

Welcome to another edition of “This week on Social Media”. We have quite a few stories to recap. This was quite the week on social media. So read on :

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How to Create a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

What is content marketing and how does it differ from social media and other forms of marketing?

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