30-Day Social Media Bootcamp

medd_wsia_feb30_0072I know how frustrating navigating the world of social media can be. It seems like updates to existing social media platforms and new ones are constantly popping up, so it’s hard to keep up. Do you hear the word “Snapchat” and have no clue what it is or why the younger generation is so into it? You’re not alone, but it’s a billion dollar business and you should know how it works. As a business owner,  you spend so much time doing the daily tasks of your business to keep it running, so keeping up to date on social media is not a priority and overwhelming.  I get it. Trust me, I do.

Many business owners choose to overlook social media, and update their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter whenever they have free time, but not consistently or with a cohesive strategy.  Those who have invested the time to incorporate a cohesive social media strategy for their business have seen tremendous results, but not everyone can afford to bring on a social media manager or an agency on a monthly retainer. That’s why I created my 30-Day Online Social Media Bootcamp.

In this 30-Day course you will learn:

  • The ins and outs of the current social media landscape and the types of platforms available to you
  • How to integrate social media into your overall business strategy
  • Best practices on social media etiquette and how to engage with your audience online
  • How to write compelling copy and create visual images for social media
  • Available social media analytics and monitoring tools so you can effectively measure and track your results
  • How to save time by creating and sticking to a monthly social media calendar

You will receive:

  • Access to all course material and instruction in a private online Facebook group so you can interact with other students
  • 2 one-on-one 45 minute consultations with Lindsay about your business and social media strategy
  • A detailed program guide outlining all the course information
  • Unlimited support via email and chat

I’ve specifically designed this course for the time-strapped individual, so all you need is 30 minutes a day.

medd_wsia_feb30_0068I started teaching my in-person social media workshops in the beginning of 2016 and have taught over 400 people to date. My students have raved about how much more comfortable they feel about tackling social media after attending my workshop, which is why I’ve decided to take this program online and help more people get a better understanding of social media. I am confident you will have a clear direction for your social media strategy by the end of my 30-day course or I will give you your money back – no questions asked!

If you sign up for my 30-Day Online Social Media Bootcamp right now, I will give you 20% off my course price, normally priced at $620. I will also schedule one additional consultation in addition to the strategy calls in the course to learn more about your overall goals and business objectives so we can tailor our strategy calls accordingly.

The next 30-Day Course will be in Q4 2017, so stay tuned!

Total 30-Day Course Cost: $497


Your one-time course registration fee is also a tax write-off. Invest in yourself and learn new skills.


“I learned a great deal from Lindsay- I no longer feel like a social beginner or intimidated by social media.” -Kitt Pomidoro

“Not only is Lindsay a colleague, but a friend. I have worked with Lindsay in several different capacities over the last 8 years, and she is absolutely one of the smartest people I know when it comes to marketing. Not only is her work ethic incredible, but she genuinely likes to help companies grow. I can tell that her happiness comes from the overall success of a company, and not her individual success working for a company. Lindsay is a wealth of information when it comes to building a business and a brand. I would recommend her any opportunity I had.” – Mariam Gabra, TwinMom.com

“There aren’t enough words to explain how amazing Lindsay is. Her expertise in online marketing is top notch, she’s always on the forefront and is a great resource to those who are lucky enough to get the chance to work with her. One word: invaluable.” – Tamara Le, Graphic Design Professional

“Lindsay is wonderfully engaging.” -Holly Noble

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