3 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Is important for your business

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why influencer marketing is important

Have you heard the term Influencer Marketing floating around social media and other blogs? Thinking about dabbling in it for your own business but not sure if it is really that important? We wanted to dive into the topic a little further for you and tell you why we think you should take the leap.

Let’s define Influencer Marketing for those of you who may need a more thorough understanding. Influencer Marketing enables your business to identify individuals that have influence over potential buyers of your brand. You can then use marketing efforts such as testimonial advertising and social media branding campaigns to enable these influencers to help grow your own business.

We have identified 3 Reasons why we think this type of marketing is so important for your business:

1) It enables User to User communication and conversation about your brand, which is much more powerful than Brand to User. By identifying key individuals within the target market of your brand and activating them to spread your message throughout their own networks, you are creating a type of trust you cannot build on your own through just brand to user initially.

2) You will achieve long-term SEO (search engine optimization) value. If you have Influencers review your product, over time those reviews will show up in search results. The more your brand is talked about across social media platforms, the more it will show up through search engines when people are looking for what you offer.

3) The ability to multi-purpose your content across your social media platforms. We are all so busy,  who doesn’t want to be able to provide value across all your platforms, and that valuable content has already been done for you by a trusted source! This is what influencer marketing can do for your content. You can use the content your Influencers create for you and put it directly on your brand’s pages.

Now you can see why Influencer Marketing is expanding rapidly. Do you plan to implement it in your business? We would love to know! And, as always, feel free to contact LTM Digital to get help with your social media marketing strategies. We are here to help!


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