5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

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5 ways to increase fb engagement

Looking for ways to increase your Facebook Engagement on your Business Page? We came up with 5 ways that can help you boost your reach starting today.

1) Create Good Content – I know this goes without saying that we should always be putting out good content for our follows, but there are certain types of content that attract more engagement and cause better organic reach. Try using a compelling image, a strong call to action and simple copy. Engage your followers by asking them a question that they will want to answer and talk with them, not at them. Do your research behind the scenes to know what your followers truly want to see and hear.

2) Post Video – Right now video is getting the best organic and paid reach on Facebook. By posting video on a consistent basis you are enabling your posts to get more eyes on them without having to fight against the Facebook algorithms. Use the same content strategies above with your videos.

3) Go Live – If you read our last blog on the decline of Periscope you know that Facebook Live is the best place to be where Live Streaming is concerned. Plan your Facebook Live just like you would your regular content each week. Your viewers will start to know when you are going Live and will tune in to see what great tips you are sharing at that time.

4) Promote your content via Facebook Ads Manager or Promoted posts – Facebook Ads continue to be the best way to get your content out in front of your audience guaranteed. Through the Ads Manager’s ability to directly target your niche, ads not only build brand awareness but also engagement in your overall page.

5) Be Consistent – Being consistent can be the hardest part for most people. Create a regular posting calendar for Facebook and stick to it. This includes your Facebook Live as we talked about above. Test your content, post throughout different times of the day and see where you are getting the most engagement. Consistency in your posting will pay off in your organic reach. Facebook rewards it.

Which of these tips are you planning to implement? Which do you consider your strengths already? Comment below. We love to hear from our readers.

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