6 Must-Haves Every Content Creator Needs In Their Backpack

Lindsay MauchBrand Building

You can always spot a Social Media Manager or a Content Creator by the gear they carry. If you are a Content Creator, Social Media Manager, or have aspirations of diving deeper into the industry, you must be prepared at all times to capture content. Inspiration is literally everywhere!

We see Social Media Managers most often wearing backpacks because they keep your hands free so they can post Stories and Tweet on the go. Just watch out for “text neck” – yes, it’s a thing!

Check out our list of must-haves that every Social Media Manager and Content Creator needs in their backpack. 

1.External Battery Charger – Your devices are your lifeline for capturing content and posting on-the-go. The excuse of “My phone battery died” is never acceptable when you are creating content. Be sure to carry an external battery charger. Even better, carry multiple! Lindsay keeps a charged one in her car at all times and two in her backpack. They are inexpensive ranging from $20-$80. Our top picks are Anker. You can buy on Amazon.

Anker Lipstick Portable Charger – https://amzn.to/2qhtYXy   https://amzn.to/2LgTP9b  https://amzn.to/2LgTP9b

2. Storage – One of the worst feelings is running out of storage when you’re capturing a live event or creating assets for a client. By carrying an external hard drive, USBs, and memory cards, you can take a few minutes to transfer storage over and keep the content party going. 

3. Apps – This isn’t an extra item to carry, but we advise downloading all the apps you need prior to being out on the field capturing content. You never know when you may reach an area with spotty Wi-Fi or you may not have time to download what you need. Spend some time the day before your content creation day to download all the necessary tools you need. That is also a good time to organize and make space on your devices. 

4. Beauty Pack- We aren’t glamour gals, but we do believe all content creators must be ready for their photo-op. One day out on the field, you may stumble upon a lush park or art wall that you want to capture a photo in front of (or in our case- take our client’s picture in front of). Keep a small pack of some compact beauty tools such as chapstick, brush, and basic make-up kit.

5. Charged and Protected Phone and Laptop – A phone and laptop are two must-haves. Be a step ahead of the game by charging them to full capacity before you leave the house and keep them in a case. Because you’ll be on the move, you may drop your backpack a few times. Keep your MVA (most valuable assets) safe with a durable case.

6. Tripod –  We love a good cell phone tripod. Carrying a cell phone tripod helps our clients get them comfortable being on camera and capturing live content. They are compact, versatile and durable enough to hold your phone wherever and whenever you need it.

We are excited to gift our clients with a branded LTM Creator BackPack this year. It’s a cool beachy blue and roomy enough to contain all of our content creator must-haves. Check out the #Creator design!

If you like this list or have other must-haves in your content creator kit, let us know!