6 Reasons To Use Live Video to Grow Your Business

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6 reasons to use live video

There are so many ways to engage potential customers online that it’s pretty difficult to understand what marketing methods are the most effective. One sure-fire way to engage both existing and potential customers, spread brand awareness, and increase your sales is through video content. Video content is a great medium because it’s a fun and easy way people can engage with your brand, and live video creates even more brand excitement. Here are six reasons to use live video to grow your business.

1. Increases Your Reach

Live video increases your reach because it is easily shared on social media which can then engage new audience members. Live video is also very easy to engage with on smartphones and tablets, so you can reach anyone, anytime without extra effort.

2. Allows You To Repurpose Content

Creating new and exciting content constantly is very difficult, especially if you are a small business or in a niche market. Rather than having to come up with exciting new content every single week, live video lets you use content you’ve already created, but delivers it in a fresh and exciting way to your customers. Repurposing content through live video saves you time and money and can help you really push the key parts of your brand identity.

3. Builds Authenticity

Live video content builds authenticity because of the format. When you produce a live segment, it shows that you are truly an authority in your field and can present valuable information directly. Live video builds a trust-based relationship with your clients.

4. Builds Leadership

Live video can help you build your reputation as a thought leader in your field. By offering live content, you are leading the conversation about the products and services in your industry. Leading the conversation establishes you and your brand as market leaders.

5. Allows You To Take Advantage Of Real-Time Engagement

Live video facilitates real-time engagement with your audience by allowing them to ask questions, give feedback, and engage with your directly while your video is streaming. This real-time engagement creates a personal conversation with your customers and helps build a strong relationship.

6. Gives You Content Flexibility

With live video you can incorporate all kinds of interesting content into your marketing strategy. You can offer interviews, exclusive behind-the-scenes looks, tutorials, and host Q&A sessions. The possibilities are pretty endless with live video, so you can really create interesting and diverse content.

If you are looking for a great way to engage customers, live video is great. The best part is live video is both very easy to do and cost-effective because it is offered on a variety of social media platforms for free. So next time you want to reach out to your audience consider doing a live video.

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