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Klaviyo it is a very powerful email marketing platform and they have been able to help businesses of all sizes grow specifically in the area of e-commerce , so that’s really what i’m going to focus on today and why we’re so in love with Klaviyo here at LTM Digital.

Klaviyo is the email service provider that we recommend to our clients, students and brands that we are consulting with on email. Klaviyo is the best for your e-commerce marketing needs.

If you are a content based business or a service-based business you can get away with using another email service providers especially if you’re just simply using email as a way to communicate with your audience. If you were looking to get more sophisticated with your email marketing and actually send email to your audience based on behavior for example on the web then Klaviyo is a great option.


LTM Digital is a Klaviyo agency partner and why it’s been so important for our e-commerce clients when it comes to growth over the last of the years especially with all the changes that were seeing in the paid media sites.

Klaviyo has a great plain and simple plan and it’s designed to make you money and grow your business. We all want that right!? You can connect your Shopify in just a few easy steps and starting earning that revenue and growing your email list!


Klaviyo is a marketers email service provider. What I mean by that is it’s simple to use, no heavy tech is involved and goes very deep with your audience. s

An example of this would be; Running a Facebook Ad Campaign.

Your Facebook ad campaign will collect emails that can connect with Klaviyo. You then slice and dice and see who your audience is. You can track who is coming and going, who made a purchase, and convert traffic to paying customers. Klaviyo also gives you an option for pop-up forms to grow your email list. Give your audience a $10 off First Order, grow your email list and get that revenue!


I recommend Klaviyo for your e-commerce business because it’s an integrated solution for email and SMS. Companies are using Klaviyo for email and SMS as a one-two punch.

When a customer doesn’t open an email, you can then follow up with an SMS via phone number provided. You’re able to check in on their buying decision and product review.

We want to see our clients have success and we’ve just had so much great success using Klaviyo for clients and their business and out why i’m on my today talking about it because literally i want to scream from the rooftop because i’m like i want to help you grow your business i want to help you make more money and get forward and get more sales for your ecommerce store and yes it’s a hole in a grated marketing strategy that includes email and paid and influencers and optimising your website and creating content and having a really strong social media strategy for when you have everything working together and your fire and also enters it’s amazing so play do for your e-commerce business highly recommend so just to recap the three things that i talked about today why you should cedar getting started on Klaviyo for your ecommerce this this is one growth so just as a stat that i want to share here to is for every dollar you spend with Klaviyo you will make $85 and shot of ice lettuce at the Klaviyo has about the power of their growth so they contribute for every $1 is devil’s claw $85 you make in your shopify store store store direct-to-consumer revenue i’m so pretty amazing too segmentation shut up label has a deep integration with shopify so very easy to segment your audience and create different automated flows based on action so i didn’t talk too much i talk to a little bit about like a statement where someone feels at a leave form and i join your email as and then it actually safety made a purchase but you can also do things like that are very simple like a pendant heart eventing heart is where you at the link your website you add something to eat say and then you’re can start screaming are the phone rings are you getting email that distracts you and i’m doing you’re not you’re not in not mindset of on-the-go purchase this product well within i’ve been in card sequence 10 within one hour which is the recommended time we recommend send do you know every ending card after that happens within at one hour you get an email and i do you know says hades this delicious product is waiting for you come come complete your work so if you have not setup for your email and email e-commerce business like with starter what’s there and then let’s have a welcome email and i meant have a win back siri so winback series as something that you can do when someone has a purchase within a certain period of time so but say you’re a beverage company and you should choose and someone has a purchase your use in three months well 480 is based on the days it’s also based on the time so everyday any given day maybe you have white 14 emails going out a day baby the next day you have 217 so tall the pen depending on the data that coming in from shopify so when not action last happened so we’re just letting people didn’t boxes is based on that person’s behaviour and not forget so powerful still so segmentation super awesome really great way to drive revenue be very very specific and their intentional and tension and intentional on what you want your audience to do so segmentation is awesome and then the third thing is being able to integrate email and sms campaigns together in one platform so with Klaviyo you can integrate your email and your sms so as a mass is for your mobile marketing so i’m sure you’re all getting more text messages from brands of the never before because it become so popular in the reason it’s so popular is because it effective so i just want to thank you all for watching this is the second time i’ve done a tv video this month and i have a couple of you here life and it is means so much to me so thank you thank you thank you thank you julie i see justica on here john it’s funny thank you all i mean so much to me and i hope this was helpful and useful for you as you get started using email for your business so what i would love to do now i’m christine email to she knows a lot about playbills well so so she had probably answers and question to you as well then come here he’s here so give a shoutout the carrier carries got an ecommerce store knickknack the course of cherry put your url in the comments and let everyone know about your e-commerce store so they do and ok siri is awesome collections that you can put in your house like if you’re someone like me is not good at it . they actually put together like to read it seems collection by really cool clothes and frozen candles and i by convento pieces that are this awesome self i got something i didn’t take a look at it they are in a converse store as well yep there it is you put it in the comments so take a look at that i’m so come as one in the next life so bible was the keep doing it every wednesday at around this time i’d like to keep this up after that you guys are interested so if you guys have any questions about email marketing inner claim you just let me know that i have message you’re from julie not to distract to you but i just referred you to love with people at risk created they have to see more nurses account awesome thank you i would love to check it out so definitely i will take a look at that i come are you have to check out at nick b b active or dare awesome so shut up then they can i claim my valentine’s day is coming up and if i have an email service provider valentine it would be claimed he typically view my email marketing time so it’s not going to go ahead and wrap this up for my kitten through the door get home from the park but my name is lindsay now for those of you who don’t know me thank you so much for watching this means so much to me i really really play with fire alright so weak weak rose segmentation email and as the mass innovated how can digital is a Klaviyo agency partners so if you are interested in getting started with Klaviyo feel free to reach out to us and wednesdays replay goes live you can write us in the comments you can dm us you can email me would be happy to get you set up with also be happy to setup a call with our cells in the club you still see when you can talk to the more about getting started and visit it literally just and information i don’t have to do anything else so thank you all for joining have a grey 

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