Are you on Clubhouse? Here’s Why You Should Join

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“Clubhouse” is the buzzword that has been floating around for a few months. It may seem like the new secret society as it is a social platform you have to be invited to, but it is more than that. Clubhouse is an audio-only social media platform that is like LinkedIn at happy hour. This is the place where you share your expertise, network, and potentially grow your business. 

This app allows you to host as well as listen in on “rooms.” Think of Clubhouse like a never ending conference with rooms to bounce around in. The feature ensures that you tune in live or else you may miss the magic forever. By the app being audio-only, it is ideal for our current quarantine life – no need to get cute for the camera. Simply choose a topic you are interested in or knowledgeable about and begin chatting away or listen only. It’s your world. 

Clubhouse is gaining a lot of steam right now because everyday users can gain access to chat with celebrities and entrepreneurs who willingly share their expertise. No matter what time it is, there will always be a room you can join in according to your interests – from Gardening and Travel to Languages and Tech. 

Our team here at LTM Digital has been on Clubhouse for a few months now and we are excited to share what we’ve noticed most about the platform along with three reasons why you should join (get invited) today. 

Establish yourself as an authority and network like a BOSS

Clubhouse is like LinkedIn for the cool kids. The bio section is king on Clubhouse. Since the app is audio-only, users lean on your bio to gain more information about who you are and what you specialize in. Think of your bio as your elevator pitch. This is where you list your expertise, industry, website, and more. Once your bio is aligned with your industry, you can now host rooms and speak in rooms that can further assert your influence and expertise. 

Get in on the ground floor

Although Clubhouse launched in 2020, the app spread like wildfire in May of 2020 with over 600,000 iPhone users. Because of this exclusivity, this is a prime time to get in on the ground floor while it is invited only and exclusive to iPhone users. This early access will also provide more opportunities to grow.

Unlike our favorite platforms Instagram and Facebook that may have complex and ever-changing algorithms, Clubhouse shows you active rooms based on the people you follow and who invited you. Growing organically on this platform will feel like 2010 on Instagram. By using the explore button in Clubhouse’s “hallway”, you can find active rooms to join. This also means, once you start your room, it may show up on the explore page without much effort. Just be sure to use specific keywords when labeling the topic for your room so people can find you. 

Tell us. Are you on Clubhouse? What are your thoughts on the new platform? 

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