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My name is Lindsey Mauch, founder of LTM Digital. We are a social media and digital marketing agency based out of the South Bay in Los Angeles, California.

Where are brands seeing the most return on investment right now?

What works for one brand may not work for another brand. Your marketing mixture is kind of like your blood work and DNA, it’s all different so what works for one brand may not necessarily work exactly in the same way for another brand. But, there are two areas where I’ve seen the biggest return on investment in the last 6 months to a year for brands and specially for small businesses.

Email Marketing

I go into detail in my Instagram Live on email marketing and why it is so important for your business. Klaviyo is our favorite email service provider here at LTM Digital.

When it comes to email, what I love about email is you can directly own that relationship with your audience. You can build your email list and creating a marketing plan such as:

  • Sending emails to your audience
  • Train your audience to essentially purchase your product.
  • Automated flows and email campaigns. This is a huge time-saver in your business and this can also grow your business orders and revenue.

The hardest part of email marketing is growing your list. You need the proper plumbing on your website in order for your audience to engage and sign up. I’ve seen brands with several hundred email subscribers generate a decent amount of revenue through one email campaign! That’s where I’m seeing the most return on investment from a brand perspective.

Paid Advertising

In terms of paid advertising that’s facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

Google Ads: Based on Intent and searching for specifics

Facebook and Instagram Ads: Based on targeting, targeting a specific audience based on heir interests and their social media.

Everything that you are doing today, tomorrow or six months from now is all going to contribute to improving your marketing investment over time.

How do you Balance it all?

A lot of people ask me, “you work on social media your kids must be social media savvy.” The juggle is real. I would say, how do I balance it all?

I don’t.

I do my best everyday to make sure that all of our family needs and business needs are being taken care of to the best of my abilities. I’m so lucky for having a support network of family and friends. Our family watches the girls, my mom comes down once a week. My mother in law comes down once a week. It’s pretty awesome to have that community. #thejuggleisreal.

How do you know which platform to be on?

When it comes down to what platform you want to be on really depends on:

  • Where your audience is?
  • What kind of time you have and what type of resources you have available for social media?

Let’s say you really enjoy writing and you like to write blog posts for your brand and business. You have a bunch of content you upload it two to three times a week. Twitter would be a great place for you. Linkedin and facebook as well would be a great place to share that type of content.

If you are more visual, and you like to create visual content for your brand or you have a graphic designer who you work with who can create visual content for your brand, then Instagram and Pinterest would be great visual platforms for your brand. It really depends on where audience is.

A lot of businesses had been asking me lately if they should be on TikTok. A lot of young kids are on TikTok. Older generations are on TikTok and are super active on TikTok. Definitely do not count out TikTok.

What I say to those brands, are you going to invest in creating TikTok contents? They say no.

My recommendation is always instead of starting to channel on TikTok, why don’t you work with influencers who can help you and help you share your messages. That’s a great way to pave your platform. You all know I love the gram. Instagram is a great platform as well. 

Those were the top 3 questions I received on Instagram this week! Head over to LTM Digital and stay tuned for more!

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