The Project

Fangirl Sports Network (FGSN) is where fans get a knowledgeable and humorous take on their favorite sports teams. Founder Tracy Sandler began in September 2015 as 49ers Fangirl. With strategic guidance from LTM Digital, Tracy expanded FGSN with the addition of Rams Fangirl in Los Angeles in 2016 and Clippers and Warriors Fangirl in 2017. FGSN has expanded for the 2017 NFL season with eight NFL Fangirls covering the AFC and NFC West. With videos, podcasts, and blog posts, FGSN is a place for fans to laugh, cry, and commiserate with each other, while enjoying sports coverage and female-focused content.

The Approach

LTM Digital created the social media strategy and rollout plan for all 10 Fangirls across the NBA and NFL in addition to managing each Fangirl’s digital presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as design weekly email newsletters and monthly giveaways.

The Results

In the first month of the newly expanded NFL season, Fangirl Sports Network earned over 2 million impressions across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for its video and blog content. This led to a partnership with a leading mobile sports app and has quickly accelerated the business in just a few short weeks.

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