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I am proud to offer 1:1 Digital Marketing Consultations & Coaching to a limited number of clients per month. These One Hour Strategy Sessions are conducted via Zoom so you can have a video record of our time together to refer back to as needed.

As the founder of LTM Digital, I have been a digital marketing industry leader, coach, instructor and guide for nearly 20 years. Working for both big, corporate, high-profile media and commerce entities and brands, and helping small and medium-sized brands build their digital marketing from the ground up, I have deep experience, knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for helping businesses grow and thrive through digital marketing. Whether you’re looking at rebranding or need help tweaking an existing effort, this 1:1 time to access my knowledge, expertise, coaching and advice for how to build & grow your digital marketing can help immensely in getting you what you need and get you where you want to go!

How it works:
After booking and scheduling our time, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out about your experience, perspective, needs, questions and goals with digital marketing, social media and branding, that will help get the gears turning before we meet together. During our call we will discuss some of what you’ve shared and then get right into exactly what you came for…!

If you have any questions about what a 1:1 consult looks like with me, please reach out via our Contact Us form and we will get right back to you! If you’re ready to book, head over to the Shop and you can sign up for the consult there! (Do a hyperlink to the 1:1 consultation page there) We also offer five hour and ten hour bundles of consultation & coaching time as well. Visit the shop for more details and to purchase. (shop hyperlink for the words the shop)

We also offer a 2:1 two-hour coaching and consultation package as well:

Lindsay Mauch consulting

You can schedule directly through the link below or contact us with any questions.

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What Our Clients Say

Lindsay is a wealth of information when it comes to building a business and a brand. I would recommend her any opportunity I had.

Mariam Gabra, Talent Acquisition Director for ActiveMeasure and Founder,

I learned a great deal from Lindsay- I no longer feel like a social beginner or intimidated by social media.

Kitt Pomidoro

There aren’t enough words to explain how amazing Lindsay is. Her expertise in online marketing is top notch, she’s always on the forefront and is a great resource to those who are lucky enough to get the chance to work with her. One word: invaluable.

Tamara Le, Graphic Design Professional

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