Empowership LIVE Event recap

Camari Carter HawkinsEvents

Girls just want to have fun. Women just want to be empowered! 

Our team had an amazing and empowering day supporting our client, Empowership, at their first-ever women’s’ empowerment event, Empowership LIVE, in Los Angeles! Over 90+ women gathered in the woods of Temescal Canyon to attend workshops, panels, and exercises that focused on building resilient women leaders. Our team was responsible for real-time social media event coverage, and we documented the entire day via live tweeting and Instagram Stories. 

LTM Digital Team

One highlight of the day was the panel on Ways to Strengthen Workplace Resiliency. Four women were gathered to discuss what it means to exhibit resiliency in the workplace. The panel consisted of Michelle Wong from President Dailey LA, Danielle Nottingham, co-host of California Live, Jean Freeman, Principal & CEO of Zambezi LA, and Wynnie Phipps, Human Resources Executive for Fortune 500. Each woman shared their story of resiliency and finding their voice and purpose. The resounding theme of the panel was the importance of being yourself, knowing your worth, being courageous to step away from a place that doesn’t fit you, and not being afraid of failure. One of our favorite quotes is from Jean Freeman: “Resiliency is like a muscle. You have to constantly use it for it to be at full strength.” 

Lindsay’s favorite workshop of the day was the Stress Management workshop. The speaker gave excellent tips on how to put yourself first, know your stress triggers, and best practices for managing stress. 

Christine and Kayla’s favorite moment of the day was hearing co-founder Chelsea Szabo’s personal story of the resilience of overcoming cancer to empowering women across the nation. 

Camari’s favorite moment of the day was participating in the ropes course. She climbed a two-story-tall tree and jumped from a tiny platform. She recalls the moment as the most liberating activity she has ever participated in. Watch a video of Camari’s transformative jump here.

The empowering day was capped with women gathering by a campfire to enjoy s’mores and good conversation. We each carried the scent of campfire, flowers, and feelings of empowerment home with us. 

Thank you to our clients Fruit Bliss for sponsoring organic Rehydrated Fruit in each participant’s swag bag and Mongibello Juice for the fresh-squeezed Sicilian Blood Orange Juice during breakfast.