Everything You Need To Know About The New LinkedIn

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Everything you need to know about new LinkedIn

Earlier this month, LinkedIn began rolling out a new platform. Their new platform will offer several upgrades, a new design and interface, and some exciting new features. Here is everything you need to know about the new LinkedIn and what it will mean for your business.

Improved Connectivity Between Members

With so many potential candidates and opportunities for professionals on LinkedIn, the way companies and potential employees find one another has required a new approach over the last few years. The new LinkedIn has upgraded its platform to make finding out more about employers and employees easier for users. One of the coolest new features is found in their insights, which offers competitive analytics about other candidates and information about the hiring practices of individual companies. These insights will help ensure that employees are the right fit for the employer.

A Fresh New Look

In addition to the new services provided in its memberships, LinkedIn has also changed it’s interface to resemble other social media platforms people might be more accustomed to for recreational use. The overall design is cleaner and offers a more inviting, friendly feel for users. The most interesting part of the new design is they have incorporated a messenger app at the bottom of the screen that will offer new ways for users to engage with one another. We think this resembles Facebook. Anyone else?

An Engaging Newsfeed

LinkedIn has changed to reflect how users prefer to interact within social media networks. The main feed features trending news stories and allows users to hide or unfollow posts they don’t find useful to them much like Facebook. In addition, users can now message others in real time like the Messenger app on Facebook. This allows the user to connect with someone who may be employed at a company they’re interested in.

These upgrades are great for businesses because it will increase user activity and allow you to connect with more potential candidates as well as facilitate a new platform for thought leadership, brand awareness, and building your network. With these great upgrades, you should plan to engage more with LinkedIn to promote your business, products, and services as part of your larger online marketing strategy. These upgrades offer a unique opportunity for businesses that should be taken advantage of as soon as the launch is complete.

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