Getting Started with Email Marketing

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Curious about getting started with email marketing for your business? In this video, our Founder Lindsay Mauch shares key tups and what you need to consider when getting started with email marketing.

Email is an Owned Marketing Channel 

First of all, email is an owned marketing channel. What does an “owned marketing channel” mean? I t means you own your email list. You are the one with control over your email list…not Facebook, not Instagram, not your web developer…you! Because you own your email list, you can control a lot more than you can on other channels.

For example, if you are running ads on Facebook you probably have experienced changes with your paid media performance due to all the ios 14 updates in 2021. These changes are something that are out of our control as marketers, and we have to do our best to adapt. We can’t control those things, we can’t control the relationship that Facebook has with Apple. We can’t control what changes companies are gonna make to their platforms or how popular social media platforms might be at any given time. But with our email list we can control that experience and we have the ability to control the revenue that we generate from our email list. It is owned. If you decide to subscribe to an email list it is basically saying “Hey, I like what you say and I’m giving you permission to have a direct line of communication to my inbox”.

Email Helps Build a Relationship with your Audience

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your audience. You are able to nurture your audience. You are able to send them personalized and customized messages based on action and based on the things they do on your website. So if someone views a certain item or comes to your site, you can send them an abandoned cat message that says “Hey, do you wanna come back and complete this purchase.” You can control the experience and how the consumer interacts with you and your business. Again, with email you can build that relationship and customize that experience.

You can also experiment and learn more about your audience with email. AB testing is something that is very important with email. You can test different subject lines, offers, images, copy and creative and see who responds to what. Most email service providers will allow you the ability to AB Task for email. Email gives you a lot of opportunity to experiment and learn more about your audience.

Email is great no matter what type of business you have, if you have an e-commerce business, if you have a service based business, or if you have a content website. If you have a content website, you can be sending emails to develop relationships with your audience and drive traffic to your website. If you have a service based business you can use email as a way to automate and nurture your audience and drive sales and build relationships. And then with e-commerce you have the ability to generate a lot of revenue for your business through email, especially if you have invested in growing your email list. 

Email has 3x Higher Conversion Rates Than Social Media

Email conversion rates are three times higher than conversion rates on social media. Why? Because someone says, “I like you enough to give you my email address”. So conversion rates are higher when it comes to email and then you have the ability to recover lost revenue. So that would be a sequence or automation that your coils set up for your e-commerce site. That would be an abandoned cart sequence. These are things that you can do for your business and simply set up through automation with an email service provider and start to generate revenue for your business. 

Email is also low cost. With email, the cost you are spending is whatever you spend on your email service provider. The cost is dependent on your list size and goes up from there. But then also it’s basically your time you’re spending for the design, development and execution of those emails. So if you have to have someone to write a copy, produce images, and design the emails, then you need to factor into your cost for email. Email service provider cost, cost per design, development and implementation of email.


Email is that it is easy to get started with email. It’s not like there’s a huge learning herb. I can guarantee you that all of you have sent emails in your life. Hundred percent guaranteed I bet on that. So it is very easy to send email, especially text based email and for e-commerce it’s a no over you know you have to do it for your business.

If you need recommendations on what email service provider to use for your business, we are happy to help. If you are an e-commerce business, we recommend using Klaviyo just like we recommend Shopify for your content management system for e-commerce. Klaviyo and Shopify have a great integration. LTM Digital is a Klaviyo Agency Partner. If you have any questions about Klaviyo or how to get started with Klaviyo, we’re happy to help. Klaviyo is hands down our recommendation for an email service provider if you are an e-commerce business. If you want to find a tool that helps you generate the most revenue for your business, definitely go with Klaviyo. Obviously we’re very partial to Klaviyo but that’s because we’ve seen what they are capable of here at LTM Digital.

Now, if you are a service based business or a content-based business, Klaviyo *could* work for you but you could also use something like Mailchimp or Constant Contact or whatever else you’re using. The most important thing is you’re sending emails to your audience. A lot of B2B companies use HubSpot for their emails. You can use a lot of these different tools and find what’s the best tool that works for you. 

If you are curious about email marketing, visit us on Instagram or shoot us a note through the contact form on this website. We are here to help you grow you business and are happy to answer any questions that you have about email marketing.

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