Getting Started with Instagram Reels

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Are you a newbie when it comes to Instagram Reels or have you been grandfathered in with the Instagram updates? We get so many questions when it comes to Instagram Reels for business. A lot of our clients say “I’m too nervous,” “what type of content should I provide,” and “how can I incorporate this with my business?”.

Well look no further, I’m sharing three simple types of Reels that you can do that will help your business reach its potential in the Social Media game.


An Educational Reel on Instagram is a great way of showing facts or providing important information. This is an opportunity to share things like Tips and Tricks, a How-To Guide or Tutorials. A sure-fire way to grab your audiences attention is the Point Method.

The Point Method

What I love about this is it gets the point across quickly and efficiently. An example of the point method would be a juice brand or a food product based business. A food brand can create an educational reel on Instagram by listing 4-5 nutritional facts and show off the benefits in a quick Instagram Reel for their audience. The amount of work is minimal, you point to an empty space, and when you are editing, fill that space with the text (educational fact). Easy!


When we think of entertainment, we want content that’s going to make us laugh. But who says a business can’t get a little silly while sharing their products?! Entertainment reels can be funny or silly while still giving you the opportunity to list facts about the company or the product. A few examples of entertainment reels would be; how-to tutorials or a behind the scenes look at your business. Your audience will love to see the sneak peak and get a better look at your company.


An engaging reel is one that is trying to capture the audience’s attention. This is a great opportunity to have a Call to Action step. Give your viewers the opportunity to engage back and forth. Ask questions, try to see what they’re looking for, or have your viewers comment and share. Engagement is a never-ending circle when it comes to social media, but thats the best part, you have the chance to build a community!

What’s Trending?

Lastly, adding to the entertainment reel, would be what we find trending on Instagram. A song can be catchy or silly, you can save that song for future use in your own content. This is a great way to be seen because those trending reels are getting more views, along with that particular audio.

Hashtags are still a huge must-have for all of your social media posts, reels included. Place hashtags in the captions of your reels, but always remember to engage! You cannot post and ghost. You must circle back to your list of hashtags and engage with the accounts using that same hashtag. This is great to form a community and build that audience.

Get Creative

The infamous TikTok has taken over when it comes to videography content. Instagram Reels is great to keep your account in line with your brand and clientele. Whether you’re shy or outgoing and ready to hit the ground running, there’s always a Reel for that. Lean in to what matches your personality and share what you feel comfortable with. There are plenty of CEO’s that tell us they do not want to show their face on Instagram Reels, so we just update our strategy according to what they’re comfortable with.

Do Your Research

We’ve seen plenty of accounts fall flat when it comes to video content and Reels. Open your Instagram app, do some research. Browse through other accounts using Reels and check out their content. Save the audio, write down the idea they used, find a way to recreate that Reel with your own product. You’ll eventually see the same types of content out there and realize it’s performing well. So, spend time studying and see what’s trending. Stay inspired and stay curious!


The Instagram algorithms are always changing, and whether you’re a little too shy or extremely outgoing, Reels is a great tool. Always be ready to educate, engage and entertain your ideal client. Head over to this link and grab our download for 30 Ideas for Instagram Reels. This is a great tool to go over and repurpose for old and new content every month!

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