How to Pick the Right Social Media Platforms for your Business Based On Industry

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Whether you have a start up business or have been operating for quite some time, it is helpful to make sure your brand is visible on the right platforms. There are dozens of social media platforms to choose from and if you are getting started, it could be overwhelming choosing the right platform. That’s why we’re here to help! Although your brand should be visible, it does not mean you need to be putting a lot of energy into every single social media platform. Which platforms are the best for you and your business? That depends on several different factors. This blog can help you identify the right platforms for your industry according to demographic, industry, interests, time, and resources.


Visual is king. Beauty products and services naturally go hand in hand with platforms that are more visual. Consider creating content that shows off your style and products in a vivid way by utilizing images and videos. If your demographic is between the ages of 25 and 40, Instagram serves as ideal platforms for luminous and curated content. Instagram was created to highlight brilliant images and videos. You can also leverage influencers to promote your products in a unique way.

Social Media Platforms of Choice: Instagram, Pinterest

Food and Beverage

Visual aesthetics are also important in the world of food and beverage. No one wants to see a food picture of an empty plate or glass, right? Highlighting your brand’s beautiful and clever product and packaging can work very well for CPG brands. You can also showcase influencer content and recipes where your brand has been featured. If you are a restaurant owner, managing a Facebook Business Page would be a great route to go to since you can collect and post reviews, utilize posts with hyperlinks, and launch paid social ad campaigns to drive traffic and awareness to your business. 

Social Media Platforms of Choice: Instagram, Facebook


Fashion on social media is all about showing the consumer how your product looks and fits into their lifestyle. Show different elements and features. How do your yoga pants look when someone bends over? Are they see through? What is the stretch and fit like on people of different shapes and sizes? Summersalt is a brand that does a great job of highlighting how their products fit all different body types. There is a trend amongst fashion bloggers where they transition in and out of different clothing via TikTok and Instagram Reels. Like to Know it is a huge platform for influencers to highlight brands they wear and receive affiliate commission. Consider partnering with fashion influencers and highlighting your apparel in a unique and clever way. 

Social Media Platforms of Choice: Instagram, TikTok 

Content Creator 

If you are a blogger, influencer, and/or content creator, your goal is to get as many eyes on your content as possible. Whether you review products or share your thoughts on the world, pinterest would be a great platform to showcase your content and/or blog in a fun way that wouldn’t require ad spend. The key is creating content and titles that are catchy or valuable. 

Social Media Platforms of Choice: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, ClubHouse, Facebook, SnapChat, YouTube 

News and Content Based Websites 

Websites that publish content regularly (anywhere from a couple times per day to a couple times per week) should absolutely be leveraging social media platforms that will drive traffic back to their websites. Twitter is a great social media platform for real-time posting and content interaction. If you are actively posting content to your website, we highly recommend a strong Twitter strategy with multiple tweets per day. The same strategy can be applied to Facebook, and you can use Facebook Ads to drive even more traffic to your website. Pinterest and Instagram are also great visual platforms to drive traffic back to your website, but you will need to think of how to do so in a creative way. 

Social Media Platforms of Choice: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest 


Choosing the right platform for your business depends on your audience and content. You get out of social media what you put into it, so take the time to freshen up your content and change up your strategy as soon as it starts to feel stagnant. Read more about Refreshing Your Instagram Strategy here.

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