Is Periscope Dead?

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is periscope dead

Social Media is amazing isn’t it? One day a platform can be THE place to be and the next, the decline can be so sharp that we call it dead. That’s a pretty strong word, too.

Periscope is a live broadcasting platform owned by Twitter. It launched with much hype in 2015 and has been used by many big personalities such as Al Roker. However, there have been challenges to Periscope and the rollout of Facebook Live has sure given the platform a it.

So, is Periscope dead? My overall feelings are that it may not be dead yet, but Periscope is on a decline and eventually will die out if Twitter doesn’t make some changes.

So what went wrong? First of all, you can’t save your Periscope broadcasts. They are gone after 24 hours which doesn’t allow your brand to have longevity with your viewers. was a service that allowed you to save your broadcasts so you could use them for other platforms but that shut down this past May.

The biggest reason I believe Periscope took a nose dive is Facebook’s creation of Facebook Live. Why spend your time on another platform when you can now do the same thing on Facebook? Most influencers who were on Periscope have now moved to Facebook Live as their preferred broadcasting medium.

Periscope has declined quickly over this past year. If you are planning on Live Streaming, your best bet is Facebook Live. If you are new to Facebook Live, you can check out our Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Live here.

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