LTM Digital’s Favorite Black Content Creators

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Over the past few months, LTM Digital has been taking steps towards allyship with the Black Community. We’ve offered several Virtual Office Hours for Black Creators and Business Owners that provided concrete solutions for their digital marketing needs. As this is not a note to boast, we want to display accountability for our support. 

We dedicate this blog post to amplify our team’s favorite Black Content Creators. 

  1. Tabitha Brown 

Tabitha Brown is an actress, vegan, the “World’s Best Mom”. Tabitha Brown’s platform has seen much growth through her videos that not only showcase delicious recipes but sage advice. Our Social Strategist, Luis Mendoza, says “Tabitha Brown is my voice of reason. When I have anxiety and feel like I don’t know what is going on, listening to her speak always brings me a sense of calming and reason. Like she says if you’re having a bad day, don’t go ruining anyone else’s.” This is why we love Tabitha. She merges her expertise and wisdom and displays it in a catchy way that we all enjoy. 

  1. Farai Chideya

Farai Chideya is a journalist and podcaster of Our Body Politic. She speaks about building workplace race and gender equity; how American media affects democracy and civil society; how to understand the American voter; and more. Farai is a force! Our Creative Director, Christine Moore, loves her podcast which focuses Black women/all women of color using our power for the good of all. Her twitter content is fast paced and keeps us in the know. 

  1. Alicia Garza 

Alicia has taken the world by storm as the co-creator of Black Lives Matter and postcast host of Lady Don’t Take No. She is a BOSS and is constantly moving policy forward. Garza does a lot of community work with Black Futures Lab that focuses on fortifying the black community’s political power. What we admire most about Garza is her commitment to political justice through her community work and necessary political commentary. 

  1. Tony Baker

Tony Baker is a comedian who has kept our hearts laughing and our spirits high during this unpredictable time. One thing that is predictable is that we are guaranteed to get daily content that will keep a smile on our faces. Whether he is taking us on a walk with him, showing us “skippity paps” or someone else getting “Kirk Patricked” we admire his consistency and air-tight branding. 

  1. Tobe Nwigwe 

Tobe Nwigwe is a Houston-based rapper and entertainer who makes “purpose popular.” Tobe isn’t new to the scene at all however he has been on a hot streak all 2020. His song “Try Jesus” broke the internet as he released it during the tense social unrest due to the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. He has recently made a musical appearance on Saturday Night Live which blew us away. What our Social Media Coordinator, Camari Carter-Hawkins, loves most is that he is a family man who includes his wife and children any moment he can. He is proof that you can have a thriving career and solid family structure simultaneously. 

  1. Ron Finley 

Ron Finley is a master gardener who makes us wish we all had a mini garden oasis of our own. His content highlights bits of inspiration in his garden: from caterpillars crawling and butterflies spreading their wings, to flowers blooming and ripe fruits ready for snacking. Finley has a MasterClass where he teaches beginners how to get started with a small garden. What amazes us is how he has managed to create a mini-forest in his yard in Los Angeles. Perusing his Instagram profile feels like a quick trip to a tropical island with just a swipe of a cellphone screen. Lindsay Mauch, the founder of LTM Digital, shares what she loves about Ron Finley, “I’ve been following Ron Finley for years and I love the work he’s doing for the community here in LA with his community gardens. He is taking that work and turning food deserts into gardens by teaching people in communities all over the world how to grow their own food. Incredible!”

Share with us your favorite Black content creators in the comments!

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