Our Favorite Asian American Pacific Islander Content Creators and Business Owners

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Our Favorite Asian American Pacific Islander Content Creators and Business Owners

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! The purpose of this month is to pay tribute to the generations of Asian and Pacific Islanders who have enriched America’s history and are instrumental in its future success. In this blog, we will pay tribute to some of our favorite Asian American content creators and business owners.

  1. @WilderBagCo

We are huge fans of editing our lives to be more sustainable. Blending handmade, vintage clothing with sustainable values makes our heart sing. WilderBagCo is a vintage shop founded by First Generation Chinese American, Stephanie V Yu Sekou. What we love most about WilderBagCo how they blend their values of sustainable living, human rights, and fashion.  

  1. @OverGlowedIt

Melanie from @overglowed is a beauty blogger that makes us dream of curating better self-care and skincare routines. What we love most about her page is how she carefully curates her posts to feel calming, inspiring, and overall dreamy. We are huge fans of an intentionally curated feed. What you might also enjoy are her nail art tutorials. If DIY nails, self-care, and skincare are values of yours, then check out Melanie’s profile.

  1. @AnnieVovan

Annie Vovan is a Business Coach and coined “hype woman for your dreams,” which we love so much. We all need a personal hype woman to cheer us on. Her Instagram profile is loaded with inspirational quotes and tips to carry throughout your day. What we admire most about Annie is her story. After working 14 years in pharmacy, she took a leap to start her photography business in order to have more time to take care of your child. After her second child, she started a business coaching program. She often says, “I believe that life is not a dress rehearsal, and being multipassionate is OK.” We couldn’t agree more. Follow Annie here, @annievovan. 

  1. @SoothingSista

SoothingSista is the best friend in our head. She has a killer YouTube and Instagram presence that represents her authenticity and personality. Her content offering is vast and appeals to a wide audience who appreciate fashion tips, lifestyle vlogs, and even sex smart tips. Her presence on social is bold and unapologetic, which in turn, inspires us to be the same in our own way.  

  1. @Arianna Basco 

Arianna Basco, lovingly known as Lady Basco, is a Los Angeles Poet Legend. She is an author, poet, actor, entrepreneur, and filmmaker. What can’t Lady Basco do? She is most known for her arts academy called Palms Up Academy. Palms Up Academy offers a wide range of services that helps support poets and writers. Her services range from writing workshops, musical workshops, and artistic showcases. What we love most about Arianna is how she blends family, arts, and entrepreneurship.  

6. Chris Lam by way of CupOfJoeSocial

Chris Lam is the founder of Cup of Joe Social and an excellent Digital Marketing Strategist. She provides digital marketing strategies for small businesses and teaches social media literacy to entrepreneurs. What we love most about Chris is how she breaks down social media in a way that anyone getting started with social can do so confidently. Her social media presence is full of great resources and tips such as free lightroom presents, Canva Pro How-Tos, and daily social media updates. If you are a small business owner and need digital marketing strategy help, follow Chris Lam here.

8. @MeshSpaceCo

MESH space is a family-friendly coffee, community, and coworking lounge in South Redondo Beach, created with immense love by the founders of MESH kids co. We are pretty obsessed MeshSpace as it is a working space for the whole family. If you are a business owner or WFH with kids, this space is a godsend. Fully stocked with an espresso bar, cafe, ample workspace, and a fun space for children to play, MESH space is where productivity and family can merge seamlessly. If you are ever in the South Redondo area, stop by.

9. @MeshKidsCo

MESH kids co. is a custom soft sensory play company, based in Orange County and Los Angeles County, CA. Mesh Kids provides foam-padded play equipment primarily for crawlers to five-year-olds. They handcraft custom soft play pieces and ball pits in any size/shape (like custom furniture) locally in Southern California, for rent and purchase. Not only are their offerings jaw-dropping gorgeous, but they also promote safe and stimulating play that suits child development. Their soft play pieces can be set up for a child’s birthday or a wedding – they are that gorgeous and entertaining. With over 150 custom soft play pieces to choose from, they will bring soft play equipment right to you for just about any occasion, venue, and unique space dimensions. If you’re planning a summer celebration with your kids, definitely check out Mesh Kids Co.

Comment your favorite AAPI Content Creators and Business Owners. We’d love to follow and get to know them.

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