Email marketing is alive and well, and one of the best ways to reach your audience and drive online sales is through email marketing.

At LTM Digital, we create the right types of email marketing campaigns that will resonate with your audience and funnels them towards sales. We approach email marketing with the following goals for our clients:

Grow your email list.

The first step in an effective campaign is to increase the number of emails in your list. LTM Digital will utilize proven techniques to grow your list of subscribers that will help maximize your email marketing efforts.

Connect with your audience.

Email offers yet another touch point and way for brands to connect with their audience and stay top of mind. We will design and develop personalized emails with high quality imagery and clever copywriting that captures your audience’s attention and is aligned with your brand’s tone and voice.

Build Ongoing Campaigns.

Automated email marketing campaigns are a great way to funnel your consumers to the point of sale. Our team will design email series to keep your customers engaged every step of the way and move your audience closer to making that purchase.

There are a number of email platforms out there. We’ve worked with just about all of them, including:

We’ll identify and recommend which one is right for you.


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