Influencer Relations

We really love working with Influencers because they are go-getters and highly motivated in the same way we are! They know what makes sense for them and what doesn’t, and we do too. And the result of partnering with the right Influencers can be magic for your brand.

We’ve built a highly active and engaged influencer network over the years and love finding the right fit for your brand to build your brand interest and perception, access new quadrants of your target audiences, and shortcut some of the labor involved in building credibility.

LTM Digital will manage all aspects of your Influencer Marketing Campaigns. Here’s how we work, why it works, and why you should work with us:


    We have a unique understanding of working with Influencers and know how to speak their language because we are content creators ourselves. Influencers like working with us because we make it easy for them by curating our asks in a very targeted way that makes sense for partnering together. We’re never going to bring an influencer a brand that they wouldn’t actually love (partially because we only work with brands that WE actually love!). Our founder, Lindsay Mauch, is a health-and-fitness Influencer and regularly contributes content to her blog, She also works directly with brands on partnerships and activations for Fit & Awesome.


    Finding the best Influencers for your brand is something we do so well. We will help you determine budget, logistics, and ensure that the results delivered are aligned with your brand’s goals and objectives while remaining true to the Influencer’s authentic brand tone and voice.

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