The Live Broadcasting Landscape

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broadcastingPeriscope, Meerkat, and now even Facebook are getting into the live streaming game. Celebrities of all types are embracing live streaming and figuring out creative ways to make the service useful to the audience at large. We are bound to see many more imaginative ways to broadcast things and get good attention from them.

When Facebook first announced its in service broadcasting ability, who other than Stevo from Jackass fame jumped on board with it to further his message about the abuses of killer whales at SeaWorld. Take a look at the YouTube video that chronicles his adventure and subsequent arrest for climbing a construction crane in Hollywood in early August 2015.

And, mainstream television weather anchor, Al Roker, is one of the first celebs to embrace live streaming. Roker pioneered his love broadcasting efforts using Meerkat to broadcast live streams focused on cooking. Al Roker Entertainment Company is experimenting and discovering how live streaming can be used to connect with more of an audience.

That was just a few months ago! Now Al Roker is being considered a leader in the live streaming community. He is working with The Today Show to produce live, behind-the-scenes content and that is morphing into its own studio based in New York City, Roker Labs. Roker has embraced live broadcasting so much that he was chosen to speak at this year’s Stream Con NYC as the headliner.

We are also seeing the first Periscope “stars” beginning to shine through the noise. Artist Amanda Oleander was recently recruited by UTA. This makes them the first major agency to bring on a streaming service influencer.

So what does all this mean for you and your business? Well, lots! It means that you are now a live broadcaster with the ability to showcase your business to the entire world, live, via the Internet. This isn’t something that could be accomplished at all 100 years ago, and would cost an arm-and-a-leg just 25 years ago. Now, you can get a message out to the world via a live, streaming cast of your concept for practically free and in a matter of mere seconds.

I do not recommend live broadcasting every little aspect of yourself and/or your business. However, I do recommend looking at upcoming events, campaigns, promotional efforts, etc. to discover some really great fits for live broadcasting. Think about where you have seen an interview or coverage of an event that resonated with you. Try and figure out a way to integrate that into promotional efforts for the company. Do a bit of scripting and staging to ensure the best scene, but keep it loose enough to have everything look natural or in-the-moment as much as possible.

Live broadcasting is a relatively new concept so experiment with it. Do keep in mind other people’s privacy and also remember the “Grandma Rule”… do NOT show (live broadcast) anything that you wouldn’t show to your grandmother. Be safe and a bit cautious, but do have fun and get the best message out that you can.

As always, please contact LTM Digital with any questions regarding live broadcasting. We are experimenting with it now and will be happy to help you and your business to utilize it too.

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