This Week on Social Media (Dec 10 – 17)

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Welcome to another edition of This Week on Social Media, where we recount the key news stories from last week in the world of Social Media.

Facebook introduces new tools for international advertisers

Facebook is not only the largest active social media network, but also a preferred choice for a lot of marketers, as it has helped SMBs grow at a rapid pace. It could be one the largest marketplaces in the world. This makes it important for Facebook to exploit its international reach as much as possible.

This is the chief reason why Facebook is introducing a comprehensive suite of tools aimed at growing the number of clients, and reaching new markets in different countries. This cross-border toolkit will give businesses deeper insights on consumer insights in various countries.

  1. Dynamic Language Optimization: Allows advertisers to place multiple languages within a singular advertising set, with Facebook matching the right language to the right user.
  2. FBIQ Cross-Border Business Insights Finder: Allows advertisers to unlock new growth opportunities by providing comparative country data based on previous campaign performance across Facebook platforms.
  3. Multi-city Targeting: Allows advertisers to reach people in multiple cities based on population size. For a business owner, this refers to the target addressable market per city combined with information on demand planning and fulfillment capacity.
  4. Multi-Country Lookalikes: Allows advertisers to find the next best customers in a combination of countries of their choosing.

This makes Facebook attractive for all types of businesses with global aspirations.

Twitter to start adding video counts to its videos

Twitter is finally giving a lot of marketers what they have been asking for a long time. Video counts for all video views.

Starting immediately, video clips on Twitter will show how many people viewed them, even if it is for a few seconds.  While it is not the newest or most awaited feature upgrade, it is a move in the right direction for Twitter as it makes the platform more attractive to marketers. It shows to marketers that everything can be measured.

Of course, what can be measured, can be sold too (as an advertising objective).

Twitter used to provide this information to advertisers, but only through Insights and Analytics. The new public video count will make it easier to follow the success of a video at any moment.

Instagram testing direct as a standalone app

Instagram is following its parent company Facebook’s footsteps with the direct messaging on its Instagram app. Instagram has begun testing direct as a separate app in 6 countries including Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay – and when users who are part of the test install it as a standalone app, their Instagram app loses its messaging feature.

So why is Instagram doing this? Well essentially Instagram wants their new Direct app to give some features that it was not able to give it as part of the Instagram app. Direct will continue to function more as an Instagram extension than a messaging platform with the directional swipes being an integral part of its functionality.

LinkedIn will now send you notifications on trending skills you should have

Wondering what skills and strengths you should have, and exhibit, in order to stay on top of your LinkedIn game? Being able to understand and highlight those skills (whatever your industry) is very important – especially the ones that other members with your job title are highlighting on their LinkedIn Profiles. A new feature on LinkedIn will help you get more insight on the trending skills “among people with your same job title.” It features a monthly notification that shares this information among those members, in order to help you make sure you’re on par with the needs of the industry.

One of the top ways in which recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn is through their skills. So, LinkedIn’s monthly notification will help you identify what skills you should be highlighting, in order to remain competitive. Each time you receive your notification, you can simply click on a skill to get more information about it. This way, you can find out which companies are hiring based on that skill. If you have a particular skill, you should be highlighting it. If you don’t, you should be working on acquiring it. LinkedIn will give you a list of LinkedIn Learning courses that you can complete in order to do so.





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