This week on Social Media (Oct 23-29)

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We have started a new section called this week on social media. We will cover top 5 news from the world of social media to keep you updated with the latest in this ever changing landscape of social media.

Facebook added a bunch of hidden animations to spice up your news feed

Facebook has always wanted to encourage its users to share original content and news in “their” lives. In its latest attempt to boost sharing the social media giant has added a host of animations to a list of words that are used commonly.
While some of you may have seen it on words like congratulations or xoxo; Facebook is expanding this list of words to include popular slang like lmao, rad and bff. Once a user types these words a distinct colourful animation will be triggered which is visible to both the sender and the receiver.
Facebook hopes this will encourage users to share more life events/moments and trigger more reactions from their friends. The next level of emojis???

Bookmarking tweets will soon be possible on Twitter

So, you are scrolling for news on your twitter feed and find an interesting article, but you do not have enough time to read it. What do you do? DM, it yourself, like it so that you can read it later or just read it lest you lose it in you feed. If you have been facing this inconvenience twitter is finally close to launching a book mark feature that will allow you bookmark a tweet so that you can read it later.
News of the upcoming feature came directly from Twitter product manager Jesar Shah, who revealed on Monday that an early version had been developed at a recent Hack Week. She even posted a video demonstration (below) showing how it might work, though Shah noted that the prototype was “likely” to change prior to release.
This will certainly increase the life of tweets as users can now conveniently read tweets at a later time by storing them privately and conveniently.

Pinterest now offers self-serve search offering

Pinterest has updated its ad selling platform for advertisers by offering a self-serve model. Pinterest says that it receives 2 billion search queries every month, 97% of which are unbranded. Pinterest will now offer these search terms to advertisers to capture user interest and showcase their brands in an image rich environment.
The model will allow advertisers to search basis broad queries or exact -match keywords. In addition, advertisers can also run negative keywords to avoid running into unwanted search queries.
The platform will also provide advertisers additional support via the “Taste Graph” to help identify opportunities that advertisers have ignored. In addition, the model also provides an auto targeting feature which offers recommendations basis past searches and traffic trends for advertisers.

LinkedIn introduces a new smart reply feature on messaging

While chatbots are becoming more and more prevalent a lot of brands are using the same technology to adopt it onto their messaging platforms to save users the trouble and time of typing out a whole reply.
LinkedIn has is now adding this smart reply feature to its messaging feature using machine learning to help you have a better conversation with your contacts while using LinkedIn messaging. The apps smart reply option will offer you up to 3 one tap replies on the messaging feature of LinkedIn. According to senior product manager Arpit Dhariwal “finding time to reply or simply be responsive to incoming messages can be a challenge with everything else you have going on”. LinkedIn is working to make this feature more personal so that the replies look warmer instead of just cold one-word replies.

A new App that lets you make GIFs

GIFs are very popular as reactions to big news items. You can tweet them replay as a message or even post them as reactions to news. Some brands actively use them as part of their social media strategy. The only problem they are not easy to make. Well not anymore because PHHHOTO a new app allows you to make a GIF by stitching up 4 of your own photos and share them on platforms like Instagram. The App was launched during the New York Fashion Week.

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