Ways to Generate Leads on Social Media

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ways to generate social media leads

If you have been following us for a while now, you know that we consider Social Media not only a must, but also one of our best friends (when used correctly). We’ve talked about some of our favorite platforms and given you some ideas about how to increase engagement and measure ROI.

Let’s now focus on true lead generations; which we are sure you are looking to do or you wouldn’t be on our blog in the first place. The great thing about most social media platforms is that they are 100% free. Everyone can be on them no matter their budget. We do want to make you aware of some lead generation tools that do require an investment, but when that investment pays off spending money can be so worth it for your business.

Let’s start with some free ways to lead generate. Writing valuable content or creating value-filled videos is one of the best ways to get organic reach and drive leads to your business. When you give your followers something they truly need, you will be rewarded with loyalty (meaning more views, more shares and more trust). Creating a consistent scheduling strategy for each platform you choose to be on and driving traffic there with value is a sure key to lead generation.

In continuing with delivering value, creating a free course, e-book, report or video series that your potential clients can download from your Facebook Page, Blog and other platforms enables you to lead generate while also building your email list. Giving them this lead magnet (generation tool) lets you develop a relationship with a cold prospect and then build a relationship with them through follow up emails.

Sharing customer testimonials on your social media platforms can also lead to more prospects. People want to know that what you are doing really works and showcasing your success stories is a free tool you can use to your advantage.

Now let’s move onto some paid lead generation tools. Facebook Ads is one of my favorite places to invest dollars into lead generation. With all the algorithm changes on Facebook, Ads are the only way you can guarantee prospects to see your content. Pay to get it put in front of them. Along with Facebook Ads, you can also place ads on Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads and even Pinterest. Each of these can be used as an advertising tool to generate more interest in your business.

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